Watch this space! Two top yielding feed wheats for drilling this autumn

RGT Universe and RGT Gravity are both candidates for next year’s Recommended List and offer huge yield potential for feed wheat growers and, for those who are looking to be one step ahead of the game, they are available for drilling this autumn.

With so many winter feed wheats to choose from, any new varieties really need to offer something special to set them apart from the rest and both RGT Universe and RGT Gravity do just that. Their out and out yield potential will provide excellent results when filling the shed, whilst their sound agronomic packages mean they are suitable for most farm situations.

AHDB NL 2 yr report

A closer look…

RGT Gravity:

RGT Gravity is simply the highest yielding wheat available. It will be the highest yielding variety on next year’s AHDB Recommended List, out-yielding all other in both the first and second wheat positions. As well as being the top variety for yield in trials, RGT Gravity also offers good grain quality and a decent disease package – making this variety a leading option for feed wheat growers over the next few years.

There is a limited amount of C2 seed available for drilling this autumn for those who want to be one step ahead of the rest.

For more information on RGT Gravity, click here.

RGT Universe:

This is the highest yielding soft feed winter wheat available and an excellent barn filler. It has a consistently high yield across different soil types and rotational positions. It has moderately stiff straw that will suit all but the most fertile situations and is particularly well suited to later sowing. Like Gravity, seed is available a year ahead of recommendation.

For more information on RGT Gravity, click here.

Following successful trials results, although candidates on the AHDB Recommended List, commercial growers have access to seed this autumn. With seed orders coming in fast, we will be watching availability levels carefully in the next week or so.


For more information on these varieties or to place an order, please call the

Seed Department on 01939 210777.

To contact your local specialist visit:

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