Sovereign a success on Welsh farm

Increasing the productivity of grassland through both yield and quality is the aim for any farmer looking to maximise livestock performance.

Hefyn Wilson of Tregibby Farm, Cardigan, seems to have found a way to make this possible by growing Wynnstay grass seed mixture Sovereign on his 180 acre farm.

Mr Wilson runs a dairy herd of 70 Holstein Friesians and 15 Jersey cattle, and has grown Sovereign on his silage ground for six to seven years, as it suits his high input/high output system.

Living close to the coast, he explains that Sovereign suits the climate and grows well, producing a good bulk of silage, with up to four cuts a year.

“In consultation with our Wynnstay specialist, Rhys Williams, we work on a rotation aiming to reseed 15 to 20 acres each year, with a fertiliser input of 25:5:5.

“The silage is added to the mixed ration (TMR) alongside a blended feed and wholecrop. We find that our cow’s milk well on this, producing 11,000L per lactation.

“We are extremely happy with the performance of Sovereign, as it provides a reliable yield each year, with outstanding regrowth after cutting, and ultimately it enables us to produce quality silage.”

The three main reasons why we choose Sovereign

  • Excellent and reliable grass yield each year
  • Outstanding growth after cutting
  • Produces a quality silage

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