Soil sample fields to insure your crops

With crops drilled, and the current low fertiliser prices, now is the ideal time to soil sample and assess the nutrients levels of your fields.

“Autumn application of fertiliser is an insurance policy for crops, to ensure that they get off to the best possible start. But, it’s essential to gather as much information as possible before making any applications or purchasing decisions,” explains Dave Mitchell, Wynnstay Fertiliser Manager.

“The first step is to assess the soil’s existing fertility, before determining what needs to be added. Soil sampling looks at the nutrient and pH levels of the field, so that a fertiliser plan can then be developed.”

“The Wynnstay Arable team can offer a bespoke soil sampling package, to assess the nutrient content of the soil, and then recommend the quantity of N, P and K required to balance soils,” he adds.

Currently, Wynnstay Arable are offering a ‘buy three get one free’ on standard soil sample analyses. An Arable or Fertiliser Specialist can then use the results to produce a bespoke fertiliser plan suited to individual nutrient requirements.

Dave acknowledges that a ‘P and K holiday’ has often been viewed as a way of making financial cut backs. However, this can only be done so many times if the nutrients are not topped up before crops start to suffer from nutrient deficiency.

“P and K allow for good root development, while potash plays a vital role in crop structure and development. If sufficient quantities of these are not provided to the crop, then this can have an adverse effect on yield come harvest. 

“Autumn applications of fertiliser could actually be saving you money long-term, because the reduced nutrient levels won’t negatively affect yields further down the line – helping to increase margin per hectare,” he adds.

“In the current economic climate, fertiliser prices are the lowest they’ve been for years in comparison to farm gate prices, and with the uncertainty over Brexit in the months ahead, current prices are looking attractive.”



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