Options for late drilling and spring 2018

Two very useful wheats which are well suited to the October/ November drilling window are:

KWS Siskin
Whilst being one of the UK’s most popular wheats, KWS Siskin is particularly suited to the later sowing position due to very vigorous autumn growth. It has excellent disease ratings, good grain quality and is one of the top yielders when sown late.
RGT Universe
This is currently the top yielding soft feed wheat available. RGT Universe showed itself to be particularly resilient in the 2016/17 growing season and is one of the first varieties out of the blocks in the spring.

First look at spring cereals

With this year’s harvest done and autumn drilling in full flow, some growers will already be looking to the next sowing window; spring ’18. Over the past few years, there has been a noticeable shift towards spring sowing in the UK. Most of this swing has been accredited to the benefits of spring cropping when combating blackgrass issues on-farm.
The majority of research has shown that introducing spring plantings into the rotation has consistently reduced blackgrass populations – with an 88% mean reduction when compared to September-sown wheat. As seed producers in the west, spring has always been a busy season for us – with more land going down to spring barley or wholecrop. However, like the rest of the industry, we will be waiting to see if the hectarage grown in spring ‘18 will show another year of increased spring cropping.

2018 varieties to watch

Spring Barley
RGT Planet: Highest yielding spring barley available in 2017. It is fully approved for IBD brewing use and has a strong agronomic package – apart from on rusts, where it will need some attention.
Propino: A popular variety across the UK. It is a good dual purpose option for growers who are looking for a strong feed barley with the potential for a brewing premium.
Kelim: This variety will be popular again in spring ’18 after proving to be a versatile variety which can generate top yields of grain and straw. One of Kelim’s strongest characteristics is it’s long straw which has excellent standing power.
NEW Acorn: A new variety from seed breeders Elsoms. It has a very good agronomic package with decent yields, particularly in the west. Acorn has long straw and very strong rhynchosporium resistance.

Remember to ask for Hi-Gene Blackgrass Free Seed when ordering your spring seed to ensure your seed is of high purity and free from blackgrass contamination.
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