Fertiliser market update for the start of 2018

With the first fertiliser applications for 2018 not too far away, there is plenty of spring fertiliser still to be purchased by growers in the UK market. This means, as in previous years, fertiliser availability in terms of both product and delivery, will be subject to supply and demand.

Current pricing indicators, such as the amount of spring business left to do and tight supply of both Urea and AN, are suggesting that prices may rise over the next couple of months. Although, as ever, there is no guarantee on market activity, the recent release of February terms, indicate that fertiliser will either hold its value or prices will increase slightly as we head into the peak purchasing period.

Market update:


The AN market has not moved greatly in recent months. However, we have seen a steady increase in prices of approx.£60/T since the launch of new season terms in May 2017. At the start of this year, AN costs seem to be stable and similar to pre-New Year prices.


In contrast, Urea prices have been extremely volatile in the same period, with a swing of up to £100/T from the lowest to the highest. The tenders for around 720k tonnes of Urea to India that were placed prior to Christmas for shipments to start toward the end of this month have kept demand up and, as a result, prices are likely to remain firm – particularly as purchasing activity increases in the coming weeks.

Phosphate & Potash 

Phosphate and Potash prices have firmed on the world market in recent months. Although there were signs of some increase in Phosphate purchases as autumn crops went in, the overall demand is fairly low and prices, for now, remain stable.

My advice to growers is to make sure you are planning ahead whenever possible.

By speaking to your Wynnstay specialist in the next couple of weeks and ordering early, you will have a greater control over which fertiliser product you use. In addition to this, by taking delivery of your fertiliser earlier you will be fully prepared for timely applications. This means that you can avoid late applications, reduced crop uptake and an overall waste of resource and investment.


To speak to a specialist about your fertiliser requirements, call 01939 211266.

Or click here to find your local Arable & Forage Specialist.

* The above article includes views and opinions which are based on market information at the time of writing. Prices subject to change.

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