Autumn Re-seeding – Q&A with Adam Simper

Quality grass is a cost-effective part of feeding and regular reseeding ensures that the required nutritional value of the ley is maintained. New leys can help deliver a 33% increase in yield in the first year compared to a typical old sward, and in a drought year this can increase up to 50%.
When should I reseed in the autumn? 
Autumn reseeding should ideally take place in August until mid-October. However this will vary depending on the species used, weather conditions and whether the mix contains clover or not.
What should I think about when it comes to selecting the right mixture?
The fi rst things to consider are how long you would like the ley to last and what you want the mix to
do – is it a short/ medium term mix for silage or a medium/long term mix for grazing and/or silage?
Another important consideration should be whether the mix would benefi t from additional species
such as clovers. I would always advise to speak to a Wynnstay specialist for bespoke advice on the
best mixture for you, making sure that all the varieties within the mix are on the Grass and Clover
Recommended List for England and Wales.
Which fields should I reseed?
It is often suggested that you should look to reseed about 10-15% of your grassland each year.
However, the main factors to consider are:
• Whether there is a high level of weeds, such as docks and thistles, in the ley
• How well the ley responds to nitrogen applications
• Are the leys producing less forage/acre and is the regrowth slower after a graze or cut

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