Maize Seeds

Wynnstay has been involved in the development of the forage maize crop for many years and we have become a significant and well respected maize seed supplier covering Wales, the Midlands, NW England & Yorkshire.

Wynnstay supply a range of high quality maize varieties to suit different sites and farming enterprises. We maintain excellent relationships with the UK’s largest maize seed breeders, which allows us to gain access to the latest trial information and product development news.

When promising new varieties appear for the UK we are able to assess them locally and our specialists make the most appropriate recommendation for an individual situation.

Wynnstay’s maize variety list for 2015:

A Pioneer maize seed list is also available. Please call 01939 210555 for more information on the Pioneer varieties.                 

Activate (Limagrain) – A very early maturing variety which produces an excellent crop in a short growing season. Very high starch yields produce high quality, energy dense silage. (FAO 140)

Kaspian (KWS) – An ultra-early variety with good early vigour on tougher sites and high starch content. (FAO 150)

Keen Sonido (KWS) – An ultra-early variety with an above average DM yield and starch content. Keen is a robust plant with good pollination. It is one of two varieties we offer with Sonido treatment which helps to reduce Wireworm attack. (FAO 160)

*New* Perez (KWS) – An ultra-early variety. Perez has excellent DM yields and starch and ME content. It is ideal for late drilling on more favourable sites. (FAO 160)

Kentaurus (KWS) – An ultra-early variety with high starch and ME content. It also has good early vigour on more difficult sites. (FAO 160)

Ixxes (RAGT) – An early maturing variety with excellent standing power and good early vigour. Ixxes has high starch content and good energy yields. (FAO 170)

Kougar (KWS) – An early variety which is best suited to light, sandy soils or medium, loamy soils.  Kougar is KWS’ most popular hybrid variety and can also be used for CCM/ grain maize. (FAO 170)

Severus (KWS) – An early variety with outstanding early vigour across all soil types and the highest DM yield in its group. (FAO 170)

Ambition (Limagrain) – An early maturing variety with excellent eyespot tolerance. Ambition is very versatile and can be grown under plastic or conventionally. Ambition is also available Sondio/ Thiram treated. (FAO 180)

*NEW* Aurelius (KWS) – An early variety with the highest DM yield in its group, with good stay-green for a wider harvest window and also full cob sheath coverage. (FAO 180)

Acumen (Limagrain) – An early maturing variety, absolutely dependable and reliable, with a proven track record under difficult conditions and on more marginal sites. Acumen has good starch and DM yields. (FAO 180)

Crescendo (Limagrain) – An early variety suitable for growing on all sites for reliable, cost-effective production of quality forage. (FAO 190)

Bradley (RAGT) – An early maturing variety for more favourable sites. Bradley has excellent starch and ME yields and good early vigour. (FAO 190)

Exxtens (RAGT) – An early maturing variety which has the potential for producing very high yields.  It has good early vigour and its starch levels and ME yields make it an excellent variety for beef and dairy enterprises. (FAO 200)

*NEW* Kompentens (KWS) –Kompentens has the highest DM yield in its group with balanced starch content, ideal for higher feeding inclusion. (FAO 210)

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