Forage Seed


We offer a range of grass seed mixtures to help producers maximise forage potential. As an independent company, we use the best grass varieties, selected from the Grass and Clover Recommended List. We’re in control of the whole process from start to finish. From seed production with our own growers, to seed cleaning, right through to formulating and mixing our mixtures, and delivering them direct to farm.



We supply a range of high quality maize varieties to suit different sites and farming enterprises. We maintain excellent relationships with the UK’s largest maize seed breeders, which allows us to gain access to the latest trial information and product development news.



We supply a wide range of root and catch options for livestock enterprises, including fodder beet, swedes, kale, stubble turnips and forage rape. These can all be supplied as straights or they can be mixed to suit individual requirements. We also offer advice on which crop selection to suit your management system and forage requirements.

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