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The fertiliser business of the Wynnstay Group has grown significantly over the last few years. As one of the largest merchants in the west of the country the company plays an important role in the distribution of a broad range of products from manufacturers and blenders.

Wynnstay markets its blended range of fertilisers under the “Top Crop” name which allows us to not only provide the most popular and commonly used grades but also prescription mixes to suit all crop and soil requirements.

Customers can benefit from the scale of operation in competitive pricing and the provision of comprehensive advice from FACTS registered personnel.

Balancing nutrient input with crop output has always been important but with the financial constraints and the increasing environmental pressure on the industry even more emphasis is being put on choosing the best fertiliser programme for each farming system.

In addition to our Top Crop range we can also provide a range of products from both the Soil Fertility Dunns range that includes GAFSA Basic Powder and Phosmin granular and from Hatcher’s we can offer Fibrophos concentrated PK fertilisers.

This is by no means an exhaustive list and if you have a particular problem in any type of crop we can help in coming up with a solution for you.

CF Fertilisers

Focusing on quality, reliability and best practice

CF Fertilisers is the UK’s premier fertiliser manufacturer and a major supplier of process chemicals and utilities.

At the heart of the business are three key drivers:

  • Technical excellence
  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Innovation and product development

The result:

  • High quality products
  • Professional technical advice
  • Reliable services

This means CF Fertilisers is committed to British agriculture making investment in production capacity and Advice and Services fundamental to the company’s success. Fertilisers must be used accurately and at optimum rates. Over application means farmers waste money and can have a negative environmental impact.

When fertilisers are used efficiently the benefits are immense:

  • Crop and grass yields can be increased
  • P and K indices are maintained at levels which support healthy growth
  • Reduced Nitrogen or Sulphur is at risk of leaching into the environment

As the UK’s only manufacturer of straight Nitrogen, Nitrogen/Sulphur and quality True Granular Compounds – as well as the leading advocate for fertiliser Advice and Services – CF Fertiliser is at the heart of British agriculture.


With the agricultural industry facing growing financial and environmental pressures, the importance of choosing the right fertiliser for your soil has never been more critical. Fortunately, Glasson Fertilisers has the experience and the technology to help. We’ve been producing high quality agricultural fertilisers since 1990 and now supply to merchants and farmers throughout northern England and southern Scotland.

Produced and packed in our modern, purpose built plant, our fertilisers include blended and compounded products for both arable and grassland, and are distributed directly to the farm. Bringing the raw materials straight from the ship to our factory means that transport costs are kept to a minimum, and delivering them directly to the customer eliminates further supply chain costs. These factors produce substantial savings, which, in turn, can be passed on to you.

As a FIAS approved manufacturer you can be wholly confident in our pledge to deliver products and services of exceptional quality, and all at a price that is right for you. We recognise that our success depends on your success, so you’ll find that we are always 100% committed to ensuring that you get the best possible yields from your land. Our blended fertilisers are a mix of nitrogen granules, phosphate granules and potash and will give you the combination that’s exactly right for your needs. You can be sure of an attractive combination of price and performance every time.



• Compound fertilisers / granular NPK

• Phosphates, potash, ammonium nitrate, calcined ammonium nitrate, and urea

• Custom blends• Bespoke analysis service.

In addition, we produce many specialist fertilisers including micronutrients such as:

• Sulphur

• Sodium

• Magnesium

• Boron

Our products are available in 600kg bags and 25kg bags and bulk.



Omya have been supplying high quality calcium carbonate to industry for over 40 years as well as a range of complementary ingredients, minerals and other basic raw materials.

Omya’s Agricultural division supplies a variety of products into the Farming sector including granular lime.

Omya has two grades of granulated lime available to suit local conditions:

Calciprill®: A straight calcium lime ideal for areas with high levels of magnesium

Magprill® A blend of calcium and magnesium lime ideal for magnesium deficient areas with a pH imbalance.

To complement the granular lime Omya also offers a range of micronutrients:

WolfTrax Micronutrients: WolfTrax uniquely formulated micronutrients are designed to coat and adhere to each prill of dry N, P or K fertilizer. This ensures even distribution throughout the blend, and more consistent and even application across the field.



Calcifert® is an effective granulated lime product that is proven to neutralise soil acidity.  It is suitable for all crops including grassland, cereals, fruit, oilseed rape and hops.

Made from fine limestone flour combined with a water-soluble organic binder, Calcifert® is produced in the UK from limestone mined in the Peak District.  Hard limestone granules of a regular size and shape ensure an even spread and rapid uptake.

Calcifert® is easy to spread with a conventional farm spreader – no need for specialist contractors – and lower application rates than conventional lime make Calcifert a cost effective option.

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