About Us

Wynnstay’s Arable division is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of crop production products to arable and grassland farmers. We are proud to offer a full range of services, including supplying quality seed, fertiliser and agro-chemicals, as well as providing independent and professional grain marketing solutions.

Combinables & Forage Seed

Wynnstay is the third largest cereal seed producer in the UK. As a group, Wynnstay supplies a full range of products including cereals, forage crops, oilseed rape, pulses, roots, maize, catch crops, cover crops, gamecover and amenity seed. Due to strong relations with the UK’s seed breeders, Wynnstay are able to grow both cereal and grass seed crops for own production – therefore ensuring independence and traceability from selection of varieties through to sales advice.

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Crop Nutrition

Wynnstay is recognised as a key supplier of compound, straight and blended fertilisers. The Fertiliser Department has strong links with the major UK manufactures and importers to ensure delivery of high quality products at competitive prices. As well as acting as a principal supplier of fertiliser products, Wynnstay also have an in-house brand, Top Crop – which is blended at three sites across the UK.

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Crop Protection

Wynnstay delivers a comprehensive crop protection service – offering technical and strategic advice on all aspects of crop management. This includes fertiliser planning, crop selection and crop husbandry to help improve on-farm profitability. Our team of BASIS trained agronomists provide cost-effective solutions to agronomic issues and supply a full range of products.

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Silage Additives

Silage additives can make a noticeable difference to the quality of your silage and help boost on-farm margins by increasing forage quality. Wynnstay provide a range of their own additives and also work closely with Volac, supplying their Ecosyl additive range. Our specialists also offer bespoke advice on additive usage and all aspects of harvest management in order to produce high quality and nutritional forage.

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