About Us

The Wynnstay range of grass seeds has grown to become one of the most popular ranges of mixtures in the UK. As well as attracting new customers, this growth has been driven by an increased trend towards repeat ordering, one of the most positive indications that our customers are pleased with the performance and value that we offer.

In order to ensure quality and value, we grow a large proportion of our grass seed on contract with local farms, primarily on the high grade fertile soils of Herefordshire.

All the seed is cleaned at our modern, purpose built seed plant here at Shrewsbury ensuring high standards of purity and germination are achieved for our mixture range. Our on site blending facility enables us to mix and bag the seed to your specific requirements whether for 3 acres or 300 acres.


Many companies selling grass seed have a bias towards one particular breeder. Our grass seed business is a completely independent from any one breeders which allows us to study the data from trials and the Herbage Variety Guide (HVG) formally the NIAB list, and select the best possible grasses for our mixtures

We find that plant breeders have different strengths and weaknesses in their breeding programs so it is important to have a range of grasses from each breeder to ensure a good balance of yield, palatability, persistency and disease resistance within the mix.

Wynnstay pay into a levy scheme to help fund the NIAB recommended list. Without this list we would have to would rely on plant breeders own trials and have no independent view on how varieties perform in the UK in terms of yield, disease performance and ground cover.

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